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Is this multiplayer or online?


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Amazing game, Wish the Crashes Were A Little Tiny Bit Better Though :) 5* (You might wanna add a Quit Button And If you need to Quit the game For now Just press the Home button on your laptop or Conputer If you don't have one then Your Lost on this one)

I would love to be able to land, and take off (i like to try tricky one wheel landings and stuff.)

I love the game. KEEP IT UP!

looks awesome'

Do you still update this game? It looks cool and I have it downloading right now. If you do update it, maybe put in that quit button???


I want to update it! I unfortunately just got slammed irl (car bills, vet bills, etc) but hopefully soon i'll be implementing more aircraft, more camera options, and yes, definitely that quit button :D



Update 4/10: Added water-spray effect to wingtips and bottom of planes. Try skimming or dipping your wingtips in the water!

good game

Hey, thanks!

Update 4/5: added in items that change plane color and smoke trail color